Thursday, November 19, 2009

Health Care Reform today- time to put it out of its misery

For me, there can be no true health care reform without cost controls. So far, neither the Senate nor House bills do anything to temper physician and other provider fees. The sick will continue to support the lavish lifestyles of those in the “healing professions.” I would rather let the system continue on as is until it totally collapses under the weight of exorbitant costs. Maybe then our leaders will develop the political will to realize that much of the cost of health care is related to provider fees, which are needed, for example, to build ostentatious additions onto their already lavish houses. I now want no reform.

Circumstances are not yet dire enough to convince the politicians that provider fees must be controlled. Let the corporations fall on their knees from the excess cost of insurance premiums, driven by health care costs. The provider guilds and the insurance companies are too strong now.

Let us become even more uncompetitive in the world market place because of the added cost to our goods due to health care premiums. Let’s hope that Senator Ben Nelson, and his cohorts, can put a stop to current efforts to reform insurance, which is only part of what we need.

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