Tuesday, December 8, 2009

On Being Viciously Insulted

I was insulted this morning in a way that I have not been insulted in recent memory. The insults were hurtful, all wrapped up in the guise of telling me what anonymous others are saying, yet with no warning of how sharp the words would be. I wonder about the motivation of someone who says such hurtful, and well, nasty things. I wonder why someone chooses to deliberately hurt another, especially in the presence of a third party. I wonder why this sanctimoniously religious person would so willingly reveal the hypocrite that she is. (I am afraid that religions give permission to hurt, when the believer need only ask for forgiveness for their thoughtlessness). I wonder why I still react with hurt feelings and why I get perturbed with myself for becoming hurt. Yes- my anger would like to become vindictiveness, but I know better. My spirit says that to hurt in the same way would be unhealthy. At least I will not have to ask forgiveness, even from myself.

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