Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Phipps and Frabel

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I visited the Phipps Conservatory again. It is a beautiful Victorian Glass House that recently hosted a reception for the G-20 Summit. It’s a great place to take pictures- the featured flowers and plants make for good photo opportunities and the building’s light helps to take the guess work out of camera settings. The Phipps featured an exhibit of art glass by Hans Godo Frabel (born 1941 in Jena, East Germany, who) is an East German-born lamp work glass blower, now living and working in, of all places Atlanta. His sculptures are whimsical, playful, and colorful. This exhibit featured his Longfellow (elongated glass figures), flower goblets, vineys and sprites, Aces & Deuces, Jokers wild, lizards, and snowflakes.

My photos also include two Chihuly works located at the reception center of the conservatory and at the desert room.

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