Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bill Maher's season finale

Maher's show has been bothering me lately. I think his show may have jumped the shark. On his show last night the allowed Mahar gave way too much time to Bill Frist, the former republican leader. Frist is a self-serving rupublican mouthpiece. Another guest, Oliver Stone can't get to the point even if he tried, and I bet his points would be good ones. The worst, however, was the interview with Queen Noor. I believe she has real concern about nukes and there is little doublt that we should be attending to their proliferation. But Mahar's question about whether she thought that the instituion of a monarchy and her being queen is uncesssary and anachronistic in this modern time. She is a poised woman but seemed a bi ttaken about by the rude question. I personally have no objections to monarchies as long as they are benevolent, and not in political leadership. Manarchs are symbols of a country just like our flag, which to us, represents our country, and just as Queen Elizabeth represent the history of England. If cultures want monarchs- go for it. I only wish I was born one, since I would make a helluva king. I deserve to be called "Your Majesty."

Again, American exceptionalism rears its ungly head.

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