Monday, June 28, 2010

Dayton, OH- could be worse

Dayton is Ohio’s fourth largest metropolitan area. Click on this link to read about it:,_OH.

Road Kill

Dayton seemed like a nice, albeit unexciting Midwestern American city.  Its streets are wide which, for those of us who like dense downtowns, tends to make the city seem unexciting, and well, dull.  I did visit the downtown on a Sunday morning and there were very few people on the street.  I could find one restaurant that was open.  One large building on the main street has a large “Biltmore” sign on it.  I assume it was a hotel in its glory days.  Today it is housing for the elderly.  Like other cities, it seems like Dayton’s downtown may be a social service ghetto.  There was no department store and the newest buildings were either for banking or medical purposes.  The most recent additions to the skyline are vintage 1990’s.  These buildings are uninspired.  The post-modern style of the era are now stale, but maybe in twenty years we will think they are great.  

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