Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This Week's Deep Thoughts

This week’s deep thoughts:
&   Flo has definitely jumped the shark.  Progressive: it’s time to retire her character.

&  “V” has definitely amped up torture on TV.  When Anna (Morena Bacarrin) skins someone, she is evil.  But when the Fifth Column does the same thing, isn’t it equally evil? Or, do the ends justify the means, whether you’re the occupier or the freedom-fighter?  A nice parallel is drawn between Anna trying to subvert Erica’s son Tyler (Logan Huffman, who makes the character seem like a vapid wuss) and Erica trying to subvert Anna’s daughter (a very beautiful Laura Vandervoort).  Bacarrin is superb playing Anna with saccharine sweetness while being totally evil.  She is good in this role.
      Jennifer Hudson is so irritating in the Weight Watchers commercials.  I wonder who decided she can sing.  She screams with no subtlety whatsoever in her voice.  I cringe when I hear her. I think this is the kind of singing that Simon Cowell likes but I don’t- she is terr

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