Monday, February 21, 2011

Sublime Music Making

The Georgian Chamber players performed at the Trinity Presbyterian Church in Atlanta.  I have been in two Presbyterian Churches in as many weeks.  Both are beautiful and god must prefer white walls. 

The group includes several of the first chairs of the ASO, including concertmaster David Coucheron (  The first piece was a Beethoven Trio, played by Coucheron, Harris and Rex.  It was an elegant performance and the acoustics of the church were perfect for the performance.   It’s enlightening to hear how much volume three musicians can make with stringed instruments.  It was a wonderful performance. 

After the intermission, Moretti, Rex, and Pridgen played the Tchaikovsky Trio in A minor for Violin, Cello and Piano ( .  This is a deeply felt and sorrowful piece of music, written by the depressive Tchaikovsky, upon hearing of the death of his friend and mentor Nikolai Rubinstein.  The piece is long, but worth every minute invested in hearing it.  It provides ample time for reflection about life’s travails and losses.  The Georgian’s played with intensity and with great sympathy for the music.  Especially strong was Ms. Moretti who managed to summon both volume and subtlety from her violin.  I will never listen to this music again without thinking about this grand performance.  

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