Monday, February 21, 2011

Young Artists

The Emory Young Artists annual performance included pieces played by students (mostly freshman), including works by Schubert, Wolf, Strauss, Puccini, Mozart and Prokofiev.  If I would have known that it was a performance by students I probably would not have attended because I always keep in mind what George Bernard Shaw said “Hell is full of musical amateurs”.  In this case, however, it was worth it.  Particularly impressive was the Puccini work, Chrysanthemums, elegy for string quartet.   The four players were technically good and they played this deeply melancholic piece with aplomb.  Particular standouts were the two violinists, Benito Thompson and Dallas Albritton.  The final piece was a Toccata played by Hao Feng.   This is a devilishly difficult piece and Mr. Feng had the chops to play it.  What he lacked in finesse he more than made up with technical skill and strength.  

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