Friday, March 4, 2011

Cruelty, yes, but democratically determined cruelty

I cannot get too worked up about the events in Wisconsin, Ohio and South Dakota.  The citizens of these states voted for the governments they have.  Last I looked; we still live in a republic.  Now I may abhor what is happening, I think that the citizens of those states should live with the consequences of their votes.  If teachers are laid off and have no collective bargaining rights, so be it.  If women must wait an unusually long period of time and endure counseling before an abortion, so be it.  Voters must experience first-hand how all of us rely on government aid and services.  Our citizenry isn’t very bright (think the sign that said “Keep your government hands off my social security”) and that 20 percent believe that Obamacare has been repealed.  I don’t think we can expect those of limited view to really understand what the government does until it affects them directly.  So, to those who are being injured, physically, economically or otherwise by these events, you have my sympathy, but this is the will of the people.  I personally believe it means that we are entering an era of extreme selfishness and cruelty.  But, the electorate has made its selection. 

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