Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Very Ecumenical but boring

The Atlanta Chamber Players performed at the Ahavath Achim Synagogue.  I was a virgin at being in a synagogue, so attending the concert was a good thing. 

The program consisted of a Trio Sonata in G Major by Bach, the Trio Pathetique by Glinka, and Mozart’s Piano Quartet in G Minor.  The ACP is mostly made up of first or second chairs of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.  For me, this was a deadly dull performance.  What? Was there no music written after 1832?  The music was so polite and mannerly that it was simply boring.  It was played well by the ACP but the program was not the least bit venturesome. 

The performance was held in an auditorium at the synagogue.  There was a portable shell around the performers, but the acoustics of the hall were so dry that there seemed to be an individual spotlight on each instrument, which is not good for a cohesive sound. 

I will give the ACP one more chance, but if it’s not a bit more risk taking, I will save my money.
However, there was a nice reception after the performance, sponsored by the Synagogue.

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