Thursday, August 25, 2011

Asus Transformer

I have not done product reviews, up to now. I purchased an Asus Transformer tablet and docking keyboard and have used both for about two months.  This is one wonderful piece of equipment.  It runs Android 3.2.  The tablet began with 3.1, but Asus has upgraded it three times.  Others complain about Android Honeycomb, but I find it nimble and stable.  After a recent update, the Transformer supports Netflix.  The Android market place has an enormous number of apps, the majority of which scale from phone to tablet size.  With the keyboard, the tablet becomes a netbook or small laptop.  The Tablet came with Polaris, which enables document development that is compatible with Office.  The integration of Honeycomb with all Google products is very good.  The Transformer also allows the user to choose how a web-site sees the tablet.  It can either see it as a “phone” or as a computer.  The latter allows me to see websites in their full glory rather than in phone-app mode.  The tablet provides mini-HDNI output, so I can watch movies and TV shows running on the tablet through my TV in high definition.  I have an app that is no longer available on the market but that enables me to stream movies and TV shows not available on Netflix or OnDemand.   The entire package supports micro SDHC memory, as well as standard SDHC cards.  It also provides a USB port.  I use the tablet as an e-reader.  Both Kindle and Nook apps are tablet-optimized.  Another good reader is Aldiko that has a wide selection of free books. 

I have never owned an iPad, but I must confess that I have had terrible experiences with iTunes in the past and do not ever want it on my computer.  Also, I like Android’s drag and drop capability.  The Transformer is currently available for $350 at a big box store. 

If I had five thumbs, the Transformer would receive them.  

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