Sunday, October 4, 2009

"The Final Destination"

“The Final Destination” is the latest in the Destination series. It is remarkable because it was filmed in 3-D. I like these movies because Death is so inventive when it comes to offing people. I particularly liked the first one. Ali Larter is a talented actress who fortuantely does not degenerate into a scream queen. Anyway, the latest installment is based on the same notion that a group of young attractive people cheat death because one of them has a vision of an upcoming tragedy and, as a result, they escape the scene and avoid dying. However, Death proceeds to design all kinds of creative ways to kill the survivors. I don’t think this movie has as many creative deaths as the earlier ones did. Who can forge the guy being sliced horizontally by a flying fence?

3-D technology has improved tremendously. No longer are the images dark and my eyes did not feel they were being made to slightly cross in order to appreciate the depth effects. This Destination movie did have one impaling that made use of the 3-D effect to poke us in the eye, but generally this was held to a minimum. There is one gratuitous explicit sex scene. Since there were children in the audience, I must admit I winced. One of the final scenes has the survivors sitting around a table having a cup of coffee. At one point, I realized that I felt like I was sitting around the table with them. Here, I thought the 3-D technology added immensely to the intimacy of the conversation. It may well be that if this technology is used sparingly and wisely, it can help break down the barrier between the audience and the actors. 3-D did not make this a great movie, but I think it was better than not having it at all.

By the way, the actors were totally forgettable.

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