Sunday, October 4, 2009

"His Girl Friday"- a bad movie

This movie was released in 1940.  It starts Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell, before she bacame a drag queen.  She plays Hildy Johnson, a star newspaper reporter still working for her ex-husband Walter (Grant) at a major chicago newspaper.  Hildy has told Walter that she is going to marry her insurance saleman finance Bruce (Ralph Bellamy).  Unfortunately, Walter doesn't want to lose Hildy to Bruce or to lose Hildy as a reporter.  Walter wants Hildy to cover a major story about a convicted murdered Earl Williams (John Qualen).  things get complicated when William escapes and Hildy and Walter are hiding him in the prison pressroom. 

1.  Grant delivers lines like a maching gun fires bullets.  It can be quite funny and he refers to his real name, Archie Leech.
2.  Russel is ok but she is was not particulry good in this.
3.  The mayor in the movie refers to the "colored vote" and how important it is.
4.  Term "picaninny" is used.  Need I say more?

Bad-o-meter- ++terrible

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