Monday, March 1, 2010

"Embarrassing Bodies"- Lets schedule it opposite Oprah at dinner time

There is a TV show on BBCs Channel 4 called “Embarrassing Bodies.” The show presents various illnesses and diseases that occur usually on intimate parts of the body. This past week we saw a quite close up look at a severe case of hemorrhoids, a rash on a male pubic area, and a scar from an episiotomy. Only Larry Flynt’s “Hustler” had closer views with a brighter light. It’s unfortunate that the show is not called “Embarrassing Conditions” because the current title seems to stigmatize the patient’s body rather than the illness. The show is hosted by one Christian Jesson, MD. He is a blond Nordic-looking fellow who seems to find any excuse to remove his shirt. He is usually delegated any activity that requires examining female breasts. He is openly gay, according to Wikipedia. There is also one Pixie McKenna, MD, who peers under sheets covering spread legs. While doing her exams, her forehead becomes wrinkled, almost as if she is frightened. I assume she is trying to look sympathetic to the itch or pain, but she looks like she is horrified. I would not want her looking at my intimate parts. The third physician is Dawn Harper, MD. Not much to comment about her. The show is interesting, but I find myself looking away from the TV. Have you ever seen a close-up of roids? If the show were on American TV, everything would be so pixeled out that there would not be much to see. Thanks goodness for our Puritanical heritage. It protects us from so much reality, especially during my dinner time.

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